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Cambridge is one of the fastest developing cities in Canada. Ideally situated across highway 401 in the southwestern part of Ontario, Cambridge is part of the country’s famed Technology Triangle. Cambridge offers superb living and working opportunities, with a diverse multicultural population and a solid support services system in place.
The rationale behind Volunteer Cambridge
Like any community, Cambridge relies on the support and contributions of its local residents in order to maintain the most favorable living and working conditions. We provide a means by which members of the local community can get together and contribute to the development of Cambridge in a meaningful and perceivable way. Our website serves as a multifaceted hub for all community-oriented efforts and initiatives. If you are looking for a way to be an active member of Cambridge, and contributing in a very real way to its growth and development, our site offers the most effective means of doing so.

Community-oriented resources
We provide a wealth of resources that can be tremendously useful to private individuals and organizations, as well as not-for-profit companies interested in being involved with local community development and outreach programs. We give you key information necessary to be able to launch and maintain programs that can be beneficial to local residents and the community at large. With the information that we provide, you will have a solid foundation from which to develop highly effective programs and community efforts that address the unique needs of Cambridge’s residents.

The information provided by the Volunteer Cambridge site can be helpful for anyone who is interested in the following efforts and initiatives:

  • Community development
  • Social welfare
  • Social outreach programs
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Entertainment programs
  • Sustainability and environmental concerns
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Near By Community Resources
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These are only a few of the areas for which the information that we provide can be essential. If there is any other area you are interest in with the goal of contributing to Cambridge and assisting in its further growth and development, we are certain that we can be of service.

Volunteer Cambridge provides its information to anyone interested in any type of community-oriented activity that will be beneficial to Cambridge residents. We are especially focused on social programs and initiatives that address child welfare, senior citizens’ needs, and the concerns of the less privileged sectors of society. With our help, we hope to be the go-to hub for addressing the breadth of Cambridge’s societal concerns.
We are also focused on helping develop programs geared toward child and adolescent development. Sports, outdoor programs, and community outreach events are especially close to our hearts, and we are especially interested in those that are geared toward the younger members of the community.

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